Food trucks taking advantage of large crowds to grow business

NAVASOTA, Texas (KBTX) – As commodity prices rise, many businesses are affected by food costs and gas prices.

But, one group is being affected with both. Food trucks throughout the Navasota Freedom Festival say that’s why they appreciate this summer’s big events.

“We’re doing it, we’re fine so far, we haven’t had any problems, but only gas is expensive and food is expensive,” Rick Tielke said.

Tielke and his wife are the owners of Mary Jane’s Kitchen. They won the best burger in Grimes County three years in a row and the chicken is one of the best sellers. With prices double what they were before, Tielke said big events are vital to his business as well as loyal fans.

“You can bring in all the people and people know you because you’re here and you get a little reputation, if your food is good, you’ll have a reputation and they’ll start following you,” he said.

Mary Jane’s kitchen can be found on Facebook where they post their location most days. Other Freedom Festival trucks include rum and candy cakes, emergency candy, Wildflyer and Smoke Daddy’s BBQ.

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