Russia-Ukraine war news: Ukraine shoots down missiles; Wagner chief accuses Russian military of attack

Ukraine’s air defenses shot down a Russian missile strike heading for a military airfield in the west of the country overnight, the air force said on Friday. He said the bombers launched the attack from the direction of the Caspian Sea. Moscow previously accused Kiev of striking a bridge connecting Russian-held territory in southern Ukraine with Crimea.

Later on Friday, Wagner’s mercenary chief, Yevgeniy Prigozhin, said a Wagner camp in Ukraine had been hit “from behind,” resulting in “many casualties.” Writing on Telegram, Prigozhin suggested that this was the beginning of a direct conflict between Wagner and the Russian Ministry of Defense. “Those who destroyed our boys today, who destroyed tens, tens of thousands of lives of Russian soldiers, will be punished,” the Russian oligarch said. The Ministry of Defense denied the accusations in Telegram, calling them a “provocation”.

Here’s the latest on the war and its effects around the world.

The postman, driver and security guard “often make deliveries under fire, zigzagging along bumpy lanes in a small white and yellow van,” they report from Hulyaipole, which has lost most of its population.

“Someone has to do this job, and no one wants to do it,” said the portfolio, Natalia Hrinenko.

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